We are thrilled to announce our 2023 Calgary Stampede Commemorative Boot!

Our classic Western boot has been recreated inew form, reinvented into modern – yet - vintage look.

The 2023 Stampede Commemorative Women’s boot is a novel return to signature styles, mixing polished honey cowhide with supple suede, and featuring hand cut crown accents on the shaft.  Inspired by our nostalgic rodeo shows (all the way back to childhood!), this classic two tone is a “anytime boot” – dress it up or dress it down. 

As per the Men's boot, meet a classic roper re-done, and reinterpreted for the Modern West. This boot will definitely be a star on Stampede park. Crafted in honey toned polished cowhide and tumbled oil tan, the 2023 Commemorative boot is equally dressy and fine in the dirt.

Super denim – friendly and comfortable, it features hand cut crown accents and a strong vintage yet modern vibe.

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