A Strathcona Story – the RCMP Connection

A Strathcona Story – the RCMP Connection

In the heart of Western Canada, where the wind tells tales of honor and courage, a story unfolds between Alberta Boot and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. For three decades, this partnership has told a story of dedication, precision, and enduring quality.

Alberta Boot stands as the sole artisan entrusted with the intricate craft of the Strathcona Boot, deeply rooted in history this boot was born to serve British Cavalry soldiers during the Boer War. Witness to the bravery of Mounties who stood tall among the Lord Strathcona’s Horse, now a symbol of the RCMP.

Fast forward to the present day, and the Strathcona Boot, a testament to Alberta Boot's unwavering dedication, remains an integral part of the RCMP's uniform.

Each boot is a blend of technical mastery and custom-fit artistry, designed to cater to the unique physical demands of those who wear it.

At our workshop, skilled leatherworkers meticulously handcraft each boot with a devotion passed down through generations.

Built using only the finest leathers, the legacy of Lord Strathcona's Horse lives on in every stitch and contour, a symbol of connection between past and present.

As these boots walk the grounds once traveled by the pioneers of the RCMP, they continue to symbolize a commitment to duty, service, and the bond between Alberta Boot and those who protect and serve.

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