Boot Fit

Welcome to a unique footwear experience with Alberta Boots. Each pair, handmade and bearing subtle variations, grants you the privilege of owning a truly individual pair of boots.

Read on for more about achieving the perfect boot fit.

  • Although our boots generally correspond to your regular shoe size, our hand-lasting process might make them feel slightly snugger compared to your regular dress shoes. For a perfect fit, we recommend consulting one of our Boot Fit Specialists. With their expertise in western boot fitting, they can help you find your ideal pair. 

  • For a perfect fit, we recommend consulting our Boot Fit Specialists.

  • Step 1

    While seated and with your fingers in the pull tabs, draw the boot onto your foot as far as it can comfortably go

  • Step 2

    Rise to your feet, continuing to pull the boot on and simultaneously pressing your foot downward into the boot

  • All Set

    A well-fitted boot requires a firm push to slip on, marked by a 'pop' sound as it settles into the footbed

  • The return must be requested within 7 days from receipt of item  The item must be unworn  The item must be returned with the original tags, packaging and proof of purchase  Customer is responsible for the cost of shipping the return. 

  • Breaking-In & Key Signs Your Boots Fit Perfectly.

  • Shaping to Your Foot

    Boots should feel comfortably snug over your foot, without loose leather.

    Over time, the leather insole and lining will flex to conform to your foot

  • Toe Comfort

    Your toes should enjoy enough wiggle room for facilitating natural movement.

    The designs of Alberta Boot footwear comfortably support and promote natural toe movement

  • Heel Lift Adjustments

    Your heel may feel lift off the footbed due to boots' stiff soles when new.

    As you break in your boots, they will soften, and the heel lift will decrease

  • Initial Stiffness

    Your boots will soften and adapt to your feet over time.

    This is a normal part of the break-in process

  • Comfort Evolution

    The more you wear your Alberta Boots, the more comfortable they will become, eventually turning into your most comfortable footwear!

    We promise!