Boot Fitting 101

Boot Fitting 101

Are you here wondering how your boots are supposed to fit like? Say no more. Alberta Boots generally run true to size, however, due to our hand-lasting process, you may expect them to fit slightly smaller than your average dress shoe. Our boot specialists are experts at western boot fitting and are always there to help you select the right pair.

How to try on cowboy boots:

  1. When putting on your boots, sit down and loop your fingers through the pull tabs.
  2. As your foot goes through the turn of the boot, gradually stand up and leverage your body weight to get your foot all the way into the boot.
  3. You should notice a rush of air escaping the boot and a satisfying “pop” or “thud “as your heel settles into position.
  4. This noise is the trick to the perfect fit. Pro Tip: Make sure that they aren’t tight to the point of discomfort, nor are they too loose. They should feel snug over your arch and hold you comfortably. How should a cowboy boot fit?
  5. Hear the “pop” as your foot slides into place.
  6. Ensure that there is a slight heel lift (about half an inch) when you walk around.
  7. Make sure that your toes are not touching the end of the boot.
  8. You should be able to wiggle your toes comfortably and the ball of your foot should be in line with the widest part of the boot.
  9. The vamp of the boot should feel snug on your arch, enough that it is holding you in place but not too much that it is causing discomfort.

What are lasts and what are they for?

A last is a solid piece of composite or wood that defines the shape of the cowboy boot. So, for every different style and size of boot, we use different lasts!
For example, a square toe boot requires a different last than a classic cowgirl boot. For example, men will find a square toe true to their sneaker size, however they could half-size-up on a cowboy last.

Finding the perfect fit for your cowboy boots can make all the difference in both comfort and style. With the right technique and understanding of how your boots should fit, you can enjoy the timeless charm and durability that Alberta Boots offers. Remember, our boot specialists are always here to assist you in finding that ideal pair. So go ahead, take a step into your new boots with confidence, and embrace the western spirit in style. Happy boot fitting!
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