The Mountain Spirit - CS 2024 Collection

Lloyd Templeton, local artist, and creator of the 2024 Stampede poster, in collaboration with First Nations princess Margaret and the profound insights of Stoney Nakota advisor Duane Mark, tells a story of artistry and unity onto the canvas of each boot shaft.

  • As the golden eagle soars high above the majestic Rockies, and ancient symbols of blessing intertwine with modern innovation, these five unique boots emerge as more than mere footwear—they are a testament to the spirit of our land, a commitment to quality craftsmanship, and a celebration of community.

    With three beautiful designs tailored for women and two square toe variations for men, the Mountain Spirit collection invites you to embrace the legacy of our past while stepping boldly into the promise of our future.


    The majestic golden eagle soaring against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, symbolizing the freedom of flight and the enduring spirit of the West. As you slip into these boots, you'll find the empowering Stoney Nakoda words

    "Oyadé Gichiyabi, Ahogichopabi Îyûhabith"

    etched within—a reminder to be empowered and to foster peace and respect with every stride. Embark on this meaningful journey with us as we celebrate the essence of the Canadian Rockies and the spirit of reconciliation designed into each pair.

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