The Master Boot Maker, Meet Antonio Juarez

The Master Boot Maker, Meet Antonio Juarez

Meet the head of our factory, Antonio Juarez. Antonio has been handcrafting boots at Alberta Boot for 20+ years. His love for crafting leather goods started when he was a kid, helping his father with all kinds of leather work. Froman early age, he learned to build saddles and leather goods you can think of.

Antonio’s favorite part about handcrafting cowboy boots is the creativity that comes with it, especially when making custom boots. Using his expertise and artistry he can bring customers ‘dreams to life.

He takes pride in making the customers happy, providing them with one-of-a-kind boots and an unforgettable experience. His favorite steps in the production process are cutting and lasting. “Cutting is an art”, says Antonio “especially with exotic leathers, you need to understand how it stretches and be able to match them correctly”.

And finally, “lasting is the final step, the one that will reveal that everything was done correctly, and the boot is exactly how you imagined it to be”.

Ana Juarez, Antonio’s daughter, helps lead the factory alongside him. She started in this industry working in retail at Alberta Boot when she was in high school.

From then on, she took over more responsibilities until becoming a key part in our production process. With upwards of 12 years of experience Ana is an essential artisan of our factory. Her favorite part of the process is customizing boots and making each pair unique

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